Max Him – Melanie

Can’t you win
when I think
about know has won
into spin around to disappear
I’ll be here
just for one
I’ll get it across to you
and you, you wrote the book
and have to look
down people like they were fuss
now you, end up the hook
for what you do

Rofo – I Want You

I want you, don’t you want me?
what can I do? just living a dream

How does it feel to be
not just a number to me?
please tell me what you mean
don’t tell me is only a dream

Evelyn Thomas – High Energy

High energy… your love is lifting me
oh yeah… high energy, your love is lifting me
lifting me high… high… oh so high… high!
It was only last week
when we first met
and I was walking
down the street

Den Harrow – Future Brain

Talking away all the details you want to know
Day after day all your memories get to grow
Putting all that you’ve stolen
In a prison that you’ve locked forever
Taking the place of our imagination
But you won’t erase my heart