LetraCatherine Lara, Luc Plamondon, Michael Alan, Sebastian Santa Maria
PaisEstados Unidos
SelloSheik Records

Oooh sweet magic
close my eyes and let you take me
ok i am under your spell
ok i just can’t help myself
ok that was all i could say
ok you command i obey
ok i’ll surrender this once
ok let’s do whatever you want
ok cause the first time we touched
Oooh the sweet magic of being in love

Oooh sweet magic crazy warm and wonderful
close my eyes and let me you take me
every heartbeat feel so good
Sweet magic so romantic so real so strong so pure

Sweetest lover everlasting i have never been so sure
ok i am out of control
ok out there’s one thing i know
this love a supernatural thing

Oooh just let me magic begin
ok put me under your spell
ok yeah if feel so swell
ok when we two become one look out emotions here it comes

Oooh sweet magic
every heart beat feel so good so real so strong so pure
i have never been so sure
ok that’s is all i can say
our words only get in the way
i just can’t get close enough
oooh i love you so much
ok take a hold of my hand take me to your magical land
never knew what i had missed
so magic being in love like this

Oooh sweet magic
we are magic
so magic

Ok waves of tenderness
Ok away i was swept
Ok when we two become one
A sweet new love just begin