Mike Hammer – Divine

Boy don’t care
Boy don’t blame
If you like to dress yourself
in some veils
I don’t know you kept my mind
Would be a folly for me

Divine – Twistin’ the night away

Hey, where are you going?
Out where?
Out to have a good time
Oh, can I go?
Only if you’re into it.
Into what?
Let me tell you about a place
Somewhere out in New York way
Where the people are so gay
Twistin’ the night away

Divine – T-shirts and tight blue jeans

You animal, you animal, walking down the street
You animal, you animal, move to the savage beat
Hey Chico, hey Machacha, say there Mr. Macho
Exercise, lift them weights, you work out I’ll palipatate
To coin a phrase you’re the cat’s meow
And I’m the dog so Bow-wow-wow.

Divine – Show me around

I just got into this town
But it already seems such a bore
Not what you call a small town
But I’ve seen a hundred like it before.
So don’t try to take advantage
I just want you to show me the sights
My temperature’s up, my energy’s high
Gonna cause an explosion tonight.

Divine – Little baby

Bored of the sitter will go to the bidder, the highest
If you discover that he’s undercover, his stained kiss
Pull out your heartstrings and take all the other things for granted
Remember yourself before all the other ideas have been planted

Divine – Kick your butt

I’m gonna knock you off your seat with a punch of the beat
I’m gonna knock your body down, gonna turn this beat around
I’m gonna slap you in the face with the beat in a public place
I’m gonna knock this sucker out, the rhythm’s gonna make you shout

Divine – Jungle jezebel

You sissy, you sissy, you’re just like Jungle Jim
Be careful where you sleep tonight, you don’t know where it’s been.
You wimp, you wimp, say who you callin’ a blimp?
I ain’t your Aunt Jammima and honey, you ain’t my pimp!
The natives sure look hungry
Well throw me in the pot
Great googala moogala
They’re servin’ me up hot.

Divine – Hard magic

Tried to get away from you
When you said that I was wrong
I tried to get away from you
But your hold is much too strong.
You’ve got a magic spell on me
And there’s nothing I can do
You’ve got a magic spell on me
And I can’t get away, get away from the….