C.C. Catch – Are you man enough?

Dreams, babe, are made of emotion
Shadows and dark deep devotion
Stay here, my heart is on fire.
Oh, I won again
My heart is in your hands
My heart is burning, turning
Over and over, my friend.

Fancy – In shock

Meaning no retraction
I need no reaction
One more face in the crowd
When the band is playing
Don’t know what to say
Base drum beat is so loud
Love potion, emotion
Show me how you can dance
You beacon, I reacon
Could be under a chance

Fancy – Lady of Ice

A lady of ice in a desert zone
Where a web of lies has turned to stone
A lady of ice with a painted smile
I should keep her warm just for a while

Caesar – My black lady

Feel your body next to mine
ruby red lips open wide
your love is like a fire, baby.
We are dancing in the night
my arms will hold you tight.