Lipps Inc. – Rock It

Won’t you rock with me, baby
I wanna rock the night away
We’re gonna dance until the sun shines
We’re gonna dance until you say
That you wanna take off, take off with me

Divine – Give it up

You say that you’ll be mine forever
Although I don’t know why
But if you want to be my lover
Don’t waste my time
I see you out with her around in town
Each and every day
But if you want me you must prove yourself
Give her up today

Divine – Shout it out

(Shout it out) if your partner is your best friend
(shout it out) shake your buddy’s hand
(shout it out) if you really love the DJ
(shout it out) everybody, take a stand

Divine – Shake it up

Your lovin’ drives me crazy, shake it up
So don’t you get lazy, shake it up
I wanna love you all night, shake it up
I wanna love you, love you right, shake it up