Anthony’s Games – Silent smiles

LetraGiorgio Aldighieri , Marius Percali , Raff Todesco
SelloZYX Records

Silent smiles are waiting
at the edge
of this lonely, lonely time
you can see them

Silent smiles are mistery
things that leave
right there, were we are
they are always there
they are the smiles of your faith
like our face
hey, hey, hey
shining around
there are smiles of your faith
like our face
don’t close your eyes

Our way was made before this world
I dream sometimes to see the truth
of life
of this lonely life
a silent smile

a silent smile

Silent smiles are here tonight
they are gonna shine right on your face
and you will see
they are the smiles of your faith
your, your faith
say hey, hey
shine on your face

This time you’ll see the way
don’t miss it now
it now it’s your own way so go
don’t close your eyes tonight
a silent smile
hey, so go, don’t lose your smile tonight
just a silent smile…

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