Macho Gang – Naughty boy

LetraGiuliano Crivellente , Mauro Farina
SelloMacho Records

I wanna feel your body yeah
I wanna say my love is true
Oh naughty boy I’m loving you.

Heartstop, my man is very far, it doesn’t feel distressed when I’m down
Heartstop, I like him very musch, I really now really on his touch
Hold me tight, sail with me, may your love set me free
To make love…

Naughty boy, you were trying to remember,
Oh oh ooh Just want you back again
Naughty boy, fall in love like a game
Oh oh ooh, I need you love me too
Naughty boy I’m turning off the lights
I give a suprise tonight.

Heartstop,desire in my heart
You are the kind of boy that

I need Heartstop

I wanna break you heart

I wanna feel your lips over me.

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