Divine – Walk like a man

Oh how she tried to cut him down to size
telling dirty lies to his friends
but his own father said give her up, don’t bother
the world isn’t coming to and end,
he said…

Divine – You think you’re a man

Turn around, stand up like a man and look me in the eye
turn around, take one final look at what you’ve left behind
then walk away from the greatest lover you have ever known
yes walk away, you’re telling me that you can make it on your own
by yourself, all alone, without my help
mister you just made a big mistake.

C.C. Catch – Are you man enough?

Dreams, babe, are made of emotion
Shadows and dark deep devotion
Stay here, my heart is on fire.
Oh, I won again
My heart is in your hands
My heart is burning, turning
Over and over, my friend.

Bobby Orlando – A man like me

I want your know your name
I know what your feeling
I hope feel your losing
you are my fantasy
I’ll see you in my dreams
going to seventies
just let your long hair down
and move your body to mine