Pet Shop Boys – One more chance

I will find out wherever you are
drinking in another club or driving in your car
Walking through empty streets
Stupid fool, that was yours for keeps
Chained, framed, you know what I mean
Push me in a corner and I’ll scream

Hopes & Dreams

If I could only speak to you
Like I did it before
Why did it all have to change
I know nothing no more

Salazar – 1, 2, 3

A-B-C (A, B, C)
falling in love with you was
easy for me (easy for me)
and you can do it too
it’s easy (it’s so easy)
like takin’ candy (like takin’ candy)
come on baby, whooo!

Albert One – Turbo diesel

Bugatti – I saw you in a dream
Volvo – You’re running hot like steam
Subaru – You start off like an arrow
Volkswagen – You never gave me sorrow

Fantasy – He’s number one

He’s the star of the nation
He’s the man of your heart
He’s the wind of the emotion
That could take you apart
On your radio on your video
On your stereo on your favorite show